• “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”

    That’s the theme for #FirePreventionWeek, October 8-14, 2017. Create a home escape plan with all members of your household today!
  • BabyProof

    How to Baby-Proof Your Home

    by Erie Insurance You probably already have a child safety seat for your car, so now it’s time to make sure baby is safe at home too. Without a doubt, your little bundle of joy is probably making you consider a home makeover. When your baby starts to explore, you’ll want to be ready. Whether its the kitchen, the living room or the baby's nursery, there's work to be done to keep the littlest member of your house safe. Let's get started. THE KITCHEN Hot ovens and sharp tools are two good reasons to child-proof your kitchen. After all, while you’re focusing on preparing meals, you
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  • kelley

    Kelley Snead: Life Insurance for … Life

    Click to see video Most people think life insurance is there to protect families financially when someone dies. And while that’s true, the “living benefits” of life insurance can also help families beforehand. This has been true for Kelley and Doak Snead.They are a match made in country music heaven—Nashville, where they met working in the industry and then bonded over their love of making music. Their love has grown over the past 23 years, and life insurance has been an important part of their life together. As Kelley grew her new career in real estate and Doak focused on raising their
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  • newsimage_flood


    Is homeowners insurance enough, or do you need Flood Insurance too? While you likely have homeowners insurance, in the case of flood, that is unfortunately not enough. This is because flood damage is not covered by standard homeowners insurance, requiring a separate Flood Insurance Policy. But what is flood insurance, and what does it cover? What is Flood Insurance? Flood insurance is specialty coverage available through the Federal National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This coverage is made available to assist homeowners in the event of flooding from rising bodies of water such as
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  • PowerWindowsLG

    4 Things Parents Should Know About Power Windows

    by Abby Badach on August 9, 2017 Cruising with the windows down is one of summer’s greatest simple pleasures. But if you’ve got kiddos in the back seat, don’t forget to stay alert when you roll them back up. Power windows can cause injury if little fingers, hands or limbs are in the way. Injuries can be more serious – or even fatal – if the window closes on a child’s head or neck. A 2007 study estimated that 2,000 people each year are treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries from power windows, and half of those are children. As a parent, here are 4 things you should
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  • hoagie 1


  • 4eb13f71-a9f8-401d-9779-de7250a1eb44

    Why Does Homeowners Insurance Exclude Certain Dog Breeds?

      If you’re a dog lover, you probably look at your dog and think warm fuzzy thoughts. Your insurance company, on the other hand, probably sees danger signs. This is especially true if the dog’s breed happens to be prohibited under homeowners insurance policies. Known by insurance companies as "excluded dog breeds," "aggressive dog list," "dangerous dogs list" or simply "bad dog list," this collection of prohibited dogs consists of breeds that are widely considered to be a financial risk to insurers. According to the Insurance Information Institute, claims related to injuries from
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    If you’re looking to declutter, make money and even have a little fun, a yard sale is something worth considering. There’s more to a yard sale, though than deciding where to hang flyers advertising the sale and deciding which items you no longer need. You’ll also want to keep a few yard sale safety tips in mind. The video above shares a few of the top yard sale safety tips. Watch it and keep the below yard sale safety tips in mind to make your day fun, safe and possibly even lucrative. Never leave the yard sale unattended. A quick bathroom break leaves enough time for a
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  • 2017 ALS Walk

    ALS Walk at the Bloomsburg Town Park

    This past Saturday was the annual ALS Walk at the Bloomsburg Town Park. The GCI Stampede has raised nearly $15,000 over the past 6 years in memory of our friend and co-worker Vera Hoffman!
  • Pipes

    The Hidden Risk Most Homeowners Ignore

    by Amanda Prischak on May 10, 2017 Last fall, Chuck Feeney of Glenview, Illinois, noticed some unusual things around his home. It took longer than usual for water to drain from his sinks, and his home’s sump pump struggled during storms. So he decided to check out his drains’ outdoor clean outs. The verdict: not good. “They were overflowing at that point,” he remembers. “If I hadn’t checked them, the water would have backed up into my house.” It turned out the water service line to Chuck’s house broke off at the point where the main line meets the line serving his home. Professionals
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